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Led Light Therapy Mask

Led Light Therapy Mask

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7 Colors LED Light Therapy Mask helps to prompt skin cells to change and work harder, improving your skin health by giving you a smooth, brighter, glow and youthful skin look.


Green balances water and oil, soothing, balance and stability
Yellow light treats sensitivity and uneven skin color, detoxifies lymph and improves roughness.
Red light stimulates collagen production and elastin, which can help with anti-aging, increase blood circulation, whitening (effects for melasma)
Blue Light calms and tightens skin
Purple light treats acne and helps to reduce acne scars
Cyan light helps with metabolism and enhance energy
White (laser) light break down stains, improve fine lines and speed up metabolism, 

7 colors LED light Mask is suitable for all skin types!

Product Attributes: Unscented

Power Supply: USB Charging
Operating Voltage: 4V (not included)—12V (not included)



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